Friday, 19 May 2017

Bamboo Fabric Sale

Hi Everyone

It has been a long time since my last post! We are feeling the effects of the dreaded winter weather down here in the deep south so I thought I'd brighten things up with a bamboo fabric sale!

All bamboo fabrics are reduced to $24 per metre - or $6 for a fat quarter which is generally enough to make a pair of undies and with plenty of colour choice as far as picot elastic goes, the sky is the limit for colour combinations. 

I like to use the 38mm wide elastic for the band which comes in colour choices white, black or charcoal, with a lovely plush finish.

The other option is underbust band elastic for the top waistband - it is that little bit firmer than plain 10mm picot elastic on the waistband.

38mm wide plush band elastic


Dusky Pink

Dark Heathered Grey

Jade Green


Dark Coral

10mm Picot Elastic
Colours from left to right:
Aqua, Black, Burgundy, Cornflower, Cream, Fuchsia, Lemon, Lilac,
Navy, Pale Pink, Paris Pink, Peach, Petrol, Purple, Red,
Raspberry, Sky, Turquoise, Blackberry, White, Wine

Also don't forget about all the lovely kits we have in stock
- suitable for soft bras and underwired bras

Some examples of the Evie La Luve kits below - for tutorials, check our Hannah's tutorial vlogs - click here for the video on sewing the Bella lace panties which is the grey kit top right below. Some of these kits come with printed paper patterns, some are fabrics/findings only for those of you who already have the patterns.

I look forward to seeing everyone's winter makes. 


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Fabulous New Kits


Kits (including patterns) from Evie la Luve

These kits are absolutely gorgeous! Everything included to make the underwear plus a printed paper pattern so you can continue to refashion your under things drawers.

The Phryne High Waist Panties
Knit Fabric Kit - Colours of Dusky Rose/Mauve

The Evie Knickers
Woven Pattern - Pink with Off-white Polka Dots

The Rosie Bralette
Black Floral Knit Fabrics with Dusky Rose Pink Lace 
The Esme Panties - Designed to go with the Rosie Bralette
Black Floral Knit Fabrics with Dusky Rose Pink Lace

The Bella Lace Panties
Lovely Dark Grey Lace

All these kits have paper patterns included - wonderful fabrics/laces all the way from the UK.

Soft Bra Kits or Watson Bra Kits

Enough per kit to make a Watson Bra from Cloth Habit's pattern available here or other similar soft bra/bralette kit not requiring underwires

Add extra fabric and picot elastic for briefs for a matching set.

These are one-off kits!

Organic Bamboo Spandex (fat 1/4) - Jade Green
(more green than photo indicates)
Black powernet - 0.125m 
(fat 1/8)
Black findings - black rings/sliders

Stretch Lycra (fat 1/4) - Orange/Pink/Purple shades
Pink powernet - 0.125m 
(fat 1/8)
Burgandy & pink findings - rose gold rings/sliders

Stretch Lycra (fat 1/4) - Red/Green/Purple shades
Red powernet - 0.125m (fat 1/8)
Red & Purple findings - rose gold rings/sliders
(no extra fabric available for briefs on this kit only
although red stretch mesh would be suitable)

Stretch Lycra (fat 1/4) - Black/Pink/Teal shades
Black powernet - 0.125m (fat 1/8)
Black & teal findings - black rings/sliders

More kits will be added as I get them packaged up.

Happy sewing

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Caramel Latte Anyone?


Doesn't this combination remind you of one though?!

New fabrics in stock suitable for swimwear AND lingerie making - like this combo above. Caramel coloured stretch lycra, along with the equally lovely Olive colour, are the two plains that have just arrived.

 There are a few laces that stood out as great combos with these two plains and I've taken some photos to show you.

Other swimwear/bramaking stretch lycras are pictured below - go to the shop page of fabric OR swimwear to get further details of all of these.

Just a few photos to tempt you!

Happy Bramaking/Swimsuit Sewing
Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Steps to Seeking Perfection!

Happy New Year lingerie sewists!

I thought I'd post about my attempts at trying to copy a favourite RTW bra - perhaps it may help someone along the line.

Above is my last project and in some ways the most successful, and in others, not. Let me explain in further detail.

This little hot pink number is the bra in question that was up for copying. I had two of these - one also in apricot.  And they both were getting very raggedy, the apricot one more so.  They are both lace over foam, lace also covering the powernet band.

Step 1 - I traced around the outside of the bra onto tissue paper, trying to manipulate the pieces to lie flat enough to get a good trace off.  I just did one side and marked where the straps would be attached. See below.

NB - take a close look at the above photo and specifically, the cup pieces. Now, I've sewn a few bras by this stage, and NONE of them have had basically no opposing curves on the cup sections. I don't know what I was thinking!

Step 2 - Proceed to cut out my pieces - the foam inners I just cut off the seam allowance on the inside edges of the cup pieces.  Using my temporary spray adhesive I basted the lace pieces to the bridge and cradle/band sections, treating them as one piece of fabric.

Step 3 - Construct the bra, in the usual method, sewing foam by butting together the edges and zig zag over the top, sewing lace cup pieces together and top stitching, joining the bridge and cradle/band, inserting the cups to the cradle, sewing in the channelling, attaching straps, hook/eye closure and we're all done.

But wait!! Why are the cups so flat?!!
Remember the cup pieces above with no curved sections? That is why!

Step 4 - Remove underwires from old RTW bra and insert in newly finished bra - voila! 

Tried it on and regardless of the flat cups, which admittedly underwires helped with majorly, it fitted and I was very excited to say the least! So after wearing this a few times, and being pretty comfortable with it, I thought I'd have another go to tweak the cup curves and make it even better.

You can see here the comparison between the two bras.

I think my cup pieces on the black bra were slightly higher and the strap too far to the centre - also my bridge needed widening slightly.

So! Onto - Version No 2

I decided for this version, that since I'd already removed the underwires, I may as well cut up that tatty old bra to ensure I had the correct shape for my cup pieces. As per the above photos - see the curve between the two cup pieces - that is more like it! I envisioned way more success with this one.  This next photo shows the difference between the pattern pieces for both versions.

I also lengthened the band slightly and took away the curve I had put along the bottom of the first bra pattern.  In stock was some gorgeous soft pink lace, and all the findings to go with it, and rose gold rings/sliders - everyone's favourite.

Everything looks so pretty together!

So using the same construction method as above, proceeded with version 2, as below.

I used regular underwires which were 10mm higher in the centre front than the ones from the RTW apricot bra.  This bra does have more length under the cups, only because I wanted to use the scalloped edge of the lace - so instead of sewing the elastic twice in the usual manner, I just triple zig zagged it on the underneath side. This bra looks a lot better on, and on first try was a perfect fit! 

BUT, on wearing a few times, it does become a bit uncomfortable during the day, and it is all down to the underwires is my conclusion - they dig in at the centre and underarm and are too high in both areas.  I have photocopied the wire from the RTW bra and tried to find one to match, but to no avail - I will have to use the closest one I can find and cut the length down and seal the ends - this is what I'll do for my third attempt at getting the perfect fitting bra!

You can see here that my cups on the new pink one are a LOT higher, although the shape is pretty on, and so I think I'll leave them the way they are but will still widen the bridge a smidgen more.

Here is a comparison of the three:

So my conclusion so far, is that I still reach for the black bra (even with the flatter cups), over the pink one, just because the underwires of the pink one make it uncomfortable during the day.

So I leave you with this question - 
Do underwires make the difference between a well fitting, comfortable bra even if the cup shape is not perfect? Any suggestions for improvement welcome!


Friday, 23 December 2016

New Additions plus Final Post for 2016!

An exciting new addition first up is Madalynne's sewing patterns from Simplicity. 

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of these to give them a try, because, shiny and new of course!

Something for everyone here with one being a bralette and the other an underwired pattern, with matching underwear to go with the bras.

The price of these are $16.25 per pattern and all sizes are included in the pattern envelope.

They will be ready to dispatch from 9 January onwards so you can pre-order if you wish from today.

New Band Elastic - 38mm Plush

Perfect for men's boxers or the correct width for the Emerson shorts/pants pattern from True Bias. Knitted 100% cotton rubber - lovely and soft against the skin - in colours white, charcoal and black

I've added satin channelling in colours blush (nude/beige) and black as this is a less expensive option for channelling than the plush channelling that I have in various colours.

And also, swim cup foam - 100% polyester, chlorine resistant, quick drying. The other foam in stock is also chlorine resistant but this is able to be moulded into shaped cups.

Tip from Bra Makers Supply - Smaller sizes can mold the foam over a ham with the heat of an iron - then cut to shape.  Larger sizes need to trim the seam allowances from the cross cup seam, butt the two raw edges together and sew across with a zig zag stitch.

That is all the new additions to the shop pages.

Lastly, I would just like to thank everyone for their support during the year - it has been an exciting year developing this business and I've met many new sewing friends throughout the year. 

Happy and safe holidays everyone - I'll be back on deck 9 January 2017 although available to answer emails if in mobile coverage range.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

Monday, 28 November 2016


Go on and spoil yourself for the holiday period by sewing up something luxurious!

New - Stretch Velvets

65% polyester 25% nylon 10% spandex

2 designs as pictured
- circular pattern black velvet with blush/skin colour backing
  (circle 11cm diameter for reference)
- black triangular pattern on black stretch backing

Both would be fabulous for bralettes, or indeed any bra pattern for stretch or if you'd like to use a non-stretch pattern, just line with sheer cup lining to stabilise the area.


New - Bra Kits

Suitable for stretch bralette patterns - just drop the foam 
Also for underwired patterns - add underwires, and/or add foam

- Want 19mm elastics instead of 12mm? - just drop me a line.
- Would you like a kit with different coloured findings than I've chosen? Let me know your choice.
- Add additional fabric/lace, elastics for matching briefs? Also, just let me know in an email.
- Your pattern is non-stretch? Easily fixed - use the sheer cup lining to stabilise cups/cradle - add extra if required.

Don't let the below kits limit the possibilities of your very own designer bra - I'm happy to help with any queries you may have.



New - Bra Tulle

Shown with white underneath and also folded up for depth of colour
These are able to be made into such a delicate bra.

Non-stretch - black

Non-stretch - mushroom taupe

Non-stretch - burgundy

Non-stretch - deep turquoise
Non-stretch - turquoise

Stretch - Black with polka dots
Stretch - Salmon Pink with stripes and polka dots

Just head on over to the fabrics or kits pages for more details on all of the above.